The mission of Great Oak Youth Development Centers, Inc. is to develop a foundation for achievement and success by directly providing educational assistance, leadership and life skills training, cultural awareness activities, and mentoring. Although programs are open to all youth, the organization’s primary focus is black males, ages 6 to 18.

Our Kids

Under-educated, over-incarcerated, abysmal employment opportunity and issues of health, housing and parenting all point to a lost generation of young black men. Young black males across America who are adversely affected by these conditions have tremendous potential and great promise. They simply need to be nurtured.


Great Oak continues to implement supplemental learning and behavior opportunities in the areas of math, reading, robotics, small group mentoring and anger management support. Every boy who participated in Great Oak programs for at least two years before his expected date of graduation from high school did graduate.

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One-on-one mentoring is an essential component of the Great Oak mission. Mentors serve in a variety of ways: these include serving as an experienced advisor and friend. Prospective mentors must complete a training course and pass a criminal background check.


Great Oak strives to by offering assistance in the areas of math, reading and science. We will always continue to strengthen our participants in these core areas to boost their overall confidence and self esteem.

Summer Programs

Great Oak offers summer programs to keep participants mentally stimulated and focused during their time between the school year. While summer breaks can be seen as down-time, we think this time is best spent preparing for the upcoming year.




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